User experiences 


I have a Mercedes-Benz 608 with OM 314 engine at work. Since I bought the car, the engine has mixed a little oil with the coolant. However, the liquid has not been mixed with the oil. The amount of oil has been small, but I have had to change the coolant a couple of times a year when the heating coil clogs. Apparently there is a crack in the cylinder group at the bottom end of one of the cylinders just below the bottom of the piston rings. As the engine is otherwise in good condition I have not wanted to open it up and apparently opening it up would do no good as if the block is cracked the engine will have to be replaced with a new one.

On a whim, I decided to try X-1R metal conditioner, although I believe that good quality oils generally don't need additives. I changed the oil (NESTE TURBO LXE 10W-40) and added X-1R 6%. After a thousand miles I flushed the cooling system and changed the new coolant. Now 10,000 km done and it's time for another oil change. I just ordered more X1-R because the coolant is completely clear and oil free. Since nothing else has changed in the way the car is used or maintained, I must conclude that the X-1R is performing as promised! Thank you.