M/S Big Dipper

Experiences from Big Santa

User experience of using X-1R metal treatment agent in ISO-PUKIN machinery since 1995.

In the M/S Iso Pukki machinery, X-1R metal treatment is used in the following areas:

Wärtsilä 814 TK 1000 hp main engines, 2 pcs, crankcase + turbo + governors.

Skania Vabis DS 11160 Hv. Auxiliary engines, 2 pcs, crankcases + (turbos).

Detroit 8 v-71-T 400 Hv. Bowthruster diesel engine 1 unit (+roores +turbo).

In hydraulic oils for the rudder (Seffle).

Towing winch 10T in hydraulic oils.

The propeller shaft seal in oil, where we found that the shaft vibration was reduced.

In the hydraulic and gearbox oil of the bow thruster.

In main generator/propeller bearings.

Compressed air in compressors, 2 pcs.

X-1R Vaseline in the gears of a steering gear.

- Our experience of the effects of the X-1R additive is not based on scientific research, but on the "feel of the finger" and on obvious phenomena. In the early days of using X-1R, in 1995, we noticed an increase in small oil leaks in the stiffeners/seals of various equipment, however, these leaks decreased (or even decreased further) or stopped completely as the hours of operation increased.

- The idle speed of the diesel engine (Detroit V-8) in the bow thruster increased from its standard value, so we had to adjust it to its original value.

- In October 2000, we found that the main engines (pistons, covers, valves, suction/packing sets) had significantly less karst compared to the previous welding in 1995. Similarly, we have found a reduction in oil consumption per hour of operation. Also, the crankcases, camshaft guides and valve gears have remained very clean, and we have found the X-1R marketing phrase "small molecule oil penetrates the pores" to be at least visibly true, as the cylinder walls, for example, have changed colour to dark brown during operation. During the 8,000-hour fading interval, we did not observe any noticeable wear on the cylinders or bearings. At other sites where we have used the X-1R, no malfunctions or damage to components have occurred during operation.

Kalevi Luoma, Chief Engineer

ISO-PUKIN Machine Manager